Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Details determine success or failure: Lean Manufacturing (6)

6, the implementation of lean production also need:

Implementing lean manufacturing in China, the first cause of all the leaders should be, whether general manager or team leader, special attention is: you are on a new management philosophy, which is a change, change management methods to use management "to implement lean production." Light of China their actual situation and cultural characteristics, in the implementation of lean production, Keneng the following aspects also need to Zhu Yi, our implementation of lean production, through the confusion, Tan Suo, detours, and even in exchange for the Jing Yan Shi Bai:

1. Leadership play an exemplary role: that we will take the initiative to take responsibility, the punishment should also willingly accept the punishment, by the book. Lenin said: "The power of examples is endless.";

2. With a typical event to promote the development of lean;

3. The implementation of lean production is an ongoing reform movement, not blizzard of revolutionary movements, and can not be done overnight, set the psychological preparation to fight a protracted war of ideas;

4. To establish a system to promote the plan: Lean Manufacturing is a systematic, related to all aspects of the enterprise, or even external business partners, not just a matter of production sector, must have a comprehensive and systematic promotion of strategies and plans Otherwise, certainly stretched. Plans and strategies include: clarifying inventory data, reducing and eliminating inventory, to ensure uninterrupted production, site management and set-5S management, process layout, planning strategies, sales forecasting and order management strategy, supply chain management strategy, process review, etc. and so on, and even higher level strategies and plans: corporate culture, corporate strategy, change management strategies.

5. To establish a good work style: fast, aggressive, accurate and stable; deal with the problem resolutely and without procrastination;

6. To establish a good communication mechanism, the release of people's resistance to psychology:

That matter, on the issue instead of people;

Tracing responsibility is to better identify problems and improve processes and improve the deficiencies, not to punish those responsible;

Punish those responsible is responsible for everyone and a better education;

Punishment is not only a fine, perhaps more importantly, to make up for the implementation of measures and improve the effect of verification measures;

To encourage and reward-based, more encouragement and guidance, less complaints and penalties;

7. To establish a deal with the problem principle (the principle of the three left off):

Unclear responsibilities for unknown reasons left off;

Measures or measures to improve the poor do not spare;

And responsibilities of everyone who did not receive education left off;

8. To create an internal competition and reward mechanisms: from the psychological and economic incentives for people to strive for excellence, positive, continuous improvement. For example: excellent rating branch, excellent departments, outstanding individuals, one post more energy, labor competition, efficiency wages;

9. The establishment of mechanisms for internal customers: customers first, to facilitate the process down to the left;

10. To establish timely notification mechanism: any impact on production and quality of the event should be the first time to report first-hand information related to your immediate superior and responsible;

11. Permitting and establishment of a multi-level, inter-departmental communication mechanism: case-based, to eliminate secondary, the problem nipped in the bud stage;

12. To establish a complete management system to ensure everyone knows what is right and what is wrong; to ensure that all personnel, all processes in all controlled, not covered, nor missing;

13. To establish a chain of command: You can leapfrog leapfrog the investigation and reporting, but can not leapfrog command;

Quotations it'll revolution, called "realistic, according to local conditions, both red and expert", which is the fundamental way to solve the problem. "Seeking truth from facts": that is to be factual, tracking the origin and continuous improvement; "specific": that is to be on-site office, vigorous and resolute; "both red and expert": "Red" is something not to be on people, generosity and abandon the company politics and narrow self-interest and not shirk responsibility, and responsible; "special" is specializes in business, skillful and competent management;

These are our lean manufacturing process in the promotion of a little experience and understanding, not a universal panacea, only for your reference, we shall undergo.

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